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Testing Projects

Sampling and monitoring projects are significantly different from routine samples testing. With its inherent strength of rapid ramping capacity - typically within a fortnight - Polytest can undertake your short term or long term projects for specific studies with equal efficiency.

Focal to project objectives Polytest identifies and minutely plans resources, scientific sampling protocols and logistics management with cold chain storage, right upto testing, data collation and results compilation - all as a package in quickest possible time.

Polytest has an experience of such projects of over a decade with appreciation from project sponsors.

Some highlighted projects are:

  • The work of water quality testing under Jalswarajya project of Govt. of Maharashtra. Jalswarajya is based on voluntary participation by communities to deliver rural water supply and sanitation services and the project objectives were to increase rural households access to improved and sustainable drinking water supply and sanitation services through various measures.

    Polytest Laboratories was ranked in top three labs among some 32 qualified state level labs in terms of capability and resourcefulness by Dept. of Water-supply and Sanitation. Locating and pinpointing sources before collection of some 6000 samples from diverse terrain and localities over one month was the task to plan deploy people. Special testing setup and QA/QC was established and the data was collated in prescribed format. Some 90000 data points were presented thematically using GIS based system.

  • Polytest Laboratories worked for an American consortium / World Bank supported Evaluation of the Health Outcomes of the Rural Water Supply, Sanitation, and Hygiene in Rural Maharashtra. Polytest Laboratories role was to again to identify sources, sampling, preservation using under a 10° cold-chain management and own 24-hr logistics network to rush samples to lab and analyze significant microbiological parameters.

    This was a comprehensive, rigorous and nonrandomized survey for WSH Interventions of whether and how water supply, sanitation, and hygiene (WSH) interventions would improve the health of young children and rural livelihoods comparing with previous researches.

    Polytest Laboratories collected, documented the chain of custody, preserved, moved and tested samples from some 18000 households over two rounds in one year.

  • For one highly industrialized ULB in Maharashtra vulnerable to environmental upsets Polytest Laboratories mapped the pollution inventory entailing water, noise, air and land environments by carrying out a pilot project to identify and analyze data thematically using GIS to broaden environmental perspective of decision makers. It helped them in providing an analytical tool for integration of environmental planning.

    Extended duration projects are routinely undertaken that cover all seasons to measure and trend spatial and temporal variations in pollution levels of regional rivers entailing some 500 - 1000 points.

  • Polytest Laboratories regularly handles short assignments of sampling and monitoring of faraway / remote places for groundwater, air, noise and micrometeorology.

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