We are the leading testing laboratory in Pune. We offer various testing services - water, Environmental quality, Oils, food, beverage, air, chemicals and soil
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Testing laboratories in Pune, India

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Having over 30 years of experience, Polytest offers a wide array of applications covering more than 1200 validated tests. With a satisfied customer base of over 5000, Polytest becomes your first choice for testing needs.

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A robust QA programme is the backbone of our sample management process, which makes our reporting extremely reliable. Our time tested automated lab management system helps us deliver precise and quick results for you.

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Our people are a highly motivated individuals and our goodwill ambassadors! They will go the extra mile to understand your needs and tailor the most optimum testing plan for you.


boiler water testing lab in pune

Boiler water

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Construction water testing in pune

Construction water

It is recommended that water from each source shall be got tested before the commencement of construction...

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Cooling tower water

Cooling tower water

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drinking water treatment plant in pune

Drinking water

Sometimes we face problems with usable water. Water appears cloudy or coloured, plumbing starts corroding faster...

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